Miss Peridot is a pageantry organized to discover, celebrate and release women of creativity and eloquence. The name is derived from the precious stone, Peridot- believed for centuries to have healing powers, able to cure depression and open the heart to beauty, style, and brilliance.

Miss Peridot not only celebrates the beauty queens around us but showcases the creativity and heart they put into making an impact in their communities.

Miss Peridot also provides a platform to empower women and build the dreams that shape our world. The winner of the pageantry will serve as the Peridot Ambassador worldwide.

The Pageantry will facilitate camp trainings for the contestants after which each contestant will have 30 days to execute a project in one local government area where they are assigned.


Miss Peridot: for the love of humanity


1. Discover and empower creative thinkers and innovators. While the title may go to only one contestant, the pageantry is designed to discover women with bright ideas and a passion for change and provide them with the platforms to do so.

2. Make community-based impact statewide: We aim to do as much good, break barriers and touch communities positively along the way. Each contestant will be mandated to document and execute a community-based outreach as part of the competition for the title.

3. Generate over 1000 part-time jobs for the duration of the pageantry; and reach over 400,000 people statewide.